BLISS OF FLESH spreads a brutal and insane Black Death metal on the European extreme music scene for several years now. After their debut album“Emaciated Deity” unanimously acclaimed by criticism, they profess the coitus with their new album "Beati pauperes spiritu".This brutal and ecstatic album will awake the miasma of your guts and eradicate all light in your soul. Let’s walk on the paths to expiation and embrace your guilt.



01 Black Procession (cut version)
02 A.M.E.N (cut version)
03 Disciple (cut version)
04 On the paths to Expiation (cut version)
05 Forgotten Epitaph (cut version)
06 Rosary of Shame (cut version)
07 Sadistic Absistence (cut version)
08 Possessed (cut version)
09 Pariah (cut version)


« Beati pauperes spiritu quoniam ipsorum est regnum caelorum »

-"Blessed in spirit are the poor, for theirs is the kingdom of the heavens"-

Beati Pauperes Spiritu is a word of the Christ in the Gospel (St. Matthew 5:3) as well as the chant resounding during the ascent of the Mount Purgatory in Dante Alighieri's trilogy (Purgatory, Canto XII). Souls find rest only to the detriment of Reason and of Truth, abandoning their consciences just as we relieve ourselves of a heavy burden.

In the first album Emaciated Deity, we explored the human soul's miasmas and the internal conflict between morality and acceptance of evil which lies in each of us.Beati Pauperes Spiritu focused on repentance and guilt and wonders about the legitimacy of forgiveness. This album is a hymn to humiliation, shame and suffering.The 9 tracks of this opus accompany the audience on this initiatory and tortured road to expiation. The outcome belongs to you: follow the path of peace and stupidity or the one of chaos and truth.

Our path is chosen.

Humiliation Suffering Climax